Swered was created in 2018 out of the sheer need for smart see-through wears. Athletes and sports people have had to settle for boxy and unfitting shirts that cover their stunning physique and body prints due to the unavailability of stylish wear that shows off their tattoos.

While creating fitting designs that are comfortable for athletes to wear, our focus is to help athletes with tattoos display their prints with our stunning see-through designs. We understand that there is not much choice in having to choose between wearing regular shirts that mask off their tattoos and going naked. That is why we decided to start this new trend and spare them the two impossible choices.

Our goal to cloth athletes with tattoos and be the ones that help them show off their body art is rooted in our: unerring fashion sense, meticulous attention to details and dedication to excellence. 

Our mission 

To provide athletes with tattoos and body arts the perfect see-through wear that will cover their modesty while showing off their inks. 

To be the ones that spare athletes of the dilemma of having to choose between masking off their tattoos in regular shirts and going naked.

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